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Let’s start with the introductions

  • are a recruitment and HR consultancy agency based in Bucharest, Romania
  • are the compass that will help you find the right people
  • bring energy to your HR team through our step by step workshops
  • help you connect the dots between your teams
  • are your specialized consultant for the organizational health check
  • design the HR strategy for the foreseeable future of your business

Some things you should know about us

We focus on the IT area, both in Romania and other European countries.

We develop and value long, trustful partnerships with our clients and candidates.

With 12 years of experience in HR, we’ve seen a lot, heard a lot and, most importantly, matched a lot of professionals with better jobs for their careers.

We build relationships that are mutually beneficial and put a great emphasize on your support in this partnership.

We talk the same language with you: thanks to our in-depth experience, we understand the needs, expectations and what you want from an HR agency.

We value frank communication: you will find here openness, feedback, dialogue.

We help people develop their professional lives, we help companies make more money by means of having the right people on board; more than that, together with our clients we create programs that increase their employee engagement.

We think it’s the employee experience that makes the difference; we partner with the HR departments in order to make this experience as exciting as possible.

We are the bridge between talent and companies… somebody needs to connect both of you, right?

We hit the ground running in order to find the best people for your company, while making sure you are also the best match for them: we don’t just recruit, we are consultants.

And now you...

    Everything starts with a simple hello/bonjour/hola, so get in touch with us for an exploratory conversation.

    We will find a common language. Either you are interested in making a job change, or you want to explore new opportunities of collaboration with a young, yet experienced, HR agency, we are here to welcome you.