We are happy that our clients:

usually need customized solutions

appreciate our win-win approach

share the same values as we do

appreciate the work of an HR agency and understand the value we can bring

communicate with us frankly and directly

are often working exclusively with us

The companies we work with come from these areas:

IT companies from Romania or abroad

IT departments from companies in any industry

  • large organizations or companies with 50-500 employees, that have internal HR departments, but need external support in recruitment or HR consultancy
  • small teams, startups, entrepreneurial companies that don’t have internal HR, but need assistance in their recruitment projects or in designing the HR strategy
  • companies that plan to open an office in Romania and need full HR support
  • companies willing to recruit IT contractors/ freelancers from Romania (or internationally)

Advertising, marketing, communications, PR or media agencies from Romania

Companies from other creative industries: graphic design agencies, architecture firms

  • usually companies that need help in finding new talents for their teams and/or in building and developing their organizational culture
  • creative minds with sophisticated requirements when it comes to people-related matters
  • companies where HR needs innovative approaches