HR Voice - let’s talk consultancy

We guide companies in their HR internal processes, we improve or change the way organizations develop these projects or how they take care of their employees.

What we do is consultancy in employee experience, covering the following topics:

HR Design

Programs customized for each company: hire to retire strategies, onboarding, employee engagement, performance management, wellbeing

Fun at Work

Consultancy regarding the architecture of internal team events: organizing team building, team development, team gatherings sessions etc.

Employee Relations

Consultancy sessions for improving the relations between the team members; conflict mediation

HR Voice can be combined with HR Dots, meaning that we initially research and then we implement. This is how we actually recommend each and every company to do: first of all to have a clear overview of the needs and expectations and then to come up with HR initiatives.

Some principles we highly value in our consultancy projects:

Better results mean more flexibility

Some of our recommendations might be very different from your current approach, or even contradictory to your beliefs. We need to understand your way and take it into account when presenting our development plan. However, we expect you to have an open-minded and flexible approach when seeing what we propose. 

Open and direct communication with the client’s management team

When working with us as external consultants, we need you to be crystal clear with your intentions, expectations, perspective over the team and goals after finishing such an HR project. 

We will not sweeten it up for you

You will have the real image of your organization as an employer. As far as you hire us to improve your internal HR strategies and processes, we will reveal the true perspective of your employees, our objective perspective and also the reality of the market, of your competitors (what they do in terms of HR programs and benefits that make their employees happy at work).

Confidentiality is essential

We pay a lot of attention when interacting with your team members, when communicating with them and collecting information that we will use in our improvement plans. We are here to help, not to harm.