Exista CV-ul ideal?

Exista CV-ul ideal sau este doar un mit? Un CV cu informatii clare, corecte, concise, care respecta cateva reguli poate fi un CV bun. Ce il transforma insa intr-unul care atrage atentia recrutorilor? Urmareste materialul si afla care sunt secretele redactarii unui CV de succes! #letstalkhr #atelieruldehr #CV #resume

Posted by Let's talk HR on Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Let’s get to know each other!

We are an HR full-service boutique, founded by Laura Ciornei in April 2018, in Bucharest, Romania. She has extensive experience both in recruitment agencies and HR departments, so she understands the challenges of both parties. As a sociologist with a master degree in human resources management, Laura will be, depending on the project, the HR voice, storyteller, employee journey designer, connector, data analyst or accelerator.


We honestly believe in team power and connections between people that can make our professional life more beautiful and bring value to our external partners, our clients. 

Apart from the agency founder, we have a small, but strong and enthusiastic team of collaborators, with seniority in their area of expertise. 

Our business model is to work project-based: when we need new members on-board, for specific tasks, we involve our trustful colleagues, so that we can deliver in time what we committed for. 

The technical side…

Are you worried about the way we understand, as recruiters, your technical needs when attracting new candidates for your company? You shouldn’t be. We have a deep and powerful connection with the IT world, for which we have hired people in almost any IT area or specialization. Moreover, we have got to work closely with IT teams, in various contexts, therefore the HR strategies we propose in consultancy-related projects are suitable for your IT team members. We take into account your needs and our experience in working directly with other technical people.  

Moreover… when necessary, we use our network of technical talent advisors to understand more specifically the technical requirements of the projects.

The creative side…

Our agency is definitely focused around creativity, as we really dislike the routine in HR and love the out of the box thinking. We collaborate with a well-known improv group, in our HR strategic consultancy projects: both in team building and team development programs. Since improv training centers started in the 90s, organizations have turned to improv troupes for business objectives, such as:

  • improving the communication and presentation skills of their employees
  • creating stronger connections between the team members
  • developing better teams and improving the team dynamics

This is why we will be happy to introduce you to the creative HR consultancy based on improv techniques, thanks to our collaboration with a Romanian group. Six wonderful actors with experience both in shows and business environments are waiting for you to discover and maximize your employees’ real potential.