HR Dots - let’s talk research

Some things you should know about this kind of process

An HR diagnosis is aimed at properly identifying the steps and strategies to be implemented by an organization, in order to improve the current performance level.

We research, design surveys, investigate and clarify what employees from various companies really want, so that we propose HR strategies suitable for the real needs of your team members.

All the responses are collected anonymously and confidentially.

Our diagnosis is followed by a complex consultancy report, with recommendations and actions plan.

Depending on the results, we will identify the type of organizational interventions needed: at the employee/ department/ company level.

We will advise you on how to communicate to the team members the purpose and results of the study. We understand the importance of transparent communication that encourages positive change within the team, but the way you communicate is as important as the message itself. 

A strong communication with the management team, during all the stages of the diagnosis is highly encouraged by us.

The entire process can be done completely online. Although direct interaction with the team members, within the qualitative research stage, is priceless, the results of the diagnosis will not be damaged by the lack of face-to-face sessions. On the contrary, we have the proof that the diagnosis will be accurate and relevant.

This type of diagnosis can be applied for the entire organization or for a specific department or team. In case of large organizations, we recommend specific diagnosis for each department or even for project teams.

We design innovative programs that develop the connections between departments and project teams, between managers and teams and also inside the departments.

An accurate intervention plan will take into account multiple information sources, that’s why we will propose a mix of research methods and tools.

How we do it:

  • surveys, customized questionnaires
  • brainstorming sessions moderated by an external consultant 
  • guided in-depth 1:1 interviews
  • psychometric tools from the Great People Inside platform, used to improve the team dynamics, the employee engagement, retention and wellbeing