This is what we do!

Let’s talk HR brings 5 lines of business that cover
a wide variety of HR programs, from talent acquisition to talent management:

1 COMPASS - let’s talk recruitment

We recruit candidates for specialist, middle and top management roles in IT and other creative industries such as: advertising, marketing, communications, design, fashion, architecture, media.

You don’t know where to look? You don’t have your own HR team? We are the compass that will help you find the right people. Let us be the scout, then you can focus on the business. You do have your HR team, but they need some help? Let’s work together and extend the recruitment channels.

Are you a foreign company looking to hire IT professionals from Romania? We are well-known for our “brains”, so let us make the connections. We can search for the best ones that are looking to relocate.

2 HR DOTS - let’s talk research

It’s all about people. Before any HR project, initiative for your employees, we highly encourage you to find your people’s needs, expectations and perceptions. How? Let’s talk research and we will find together the best method for your company (either qualitative or quantitative).

How we do it:

  • we get involved in the whole research process
  • you will receive a consultancy report from us
  • we will propose actions to be taken in order to connect the “dots” between your departments and teams
3 HR VOICE - let’s talk consultancy

Are you an internal HR professional and want to show to your colleagues the real power of the HR department? However, you need an external partner in order to achieve those results? Let’s talk about your current employee experience and the one you’d like to develop.

Are you a company without HR? It’s ok, you’ve survived, but now it’s time to move on to the next level. Let’s build together the HR strategy for the foreseeable future!

Targeted areas:

  • Design of HR programs for your company
  • Employee engagement initiatives
  • Consultancy for internal events for your team
  • Performance management
  • Organizational stress
  • Diminishing the HR costs
4 Rainbow Coaching - let’s talk about you

Do you need an external consultant who will talk to your employees about their work-related issues, because you don’t have an internal HR department?

Do you want to find out the real reasons of low employee motivation within your company, lack of enthusiasm or real expectations from your people?

Do you want to discover how to diminish the turnover rate?

Do you need to manage internal conflicts with the advantage of an objective perspective?


Just let us do the counselling sessions, either one-on-one or group sessions. We can help you with:

  • an organizational health check thanks to an external HR “eye”
  • objective answers to your questions related to internal lack of satisfaction, uncertainty, doubs
  • internal processes of organizational reshape
  • rapid integration of the new management team members
5 HR WORKSHOPS - let’s talk learning

Take a look at the topics below and choose which one matches your current needs. If any, we would be happy to discuss your development needs and prepare a customized program for you and your employees. We don’t believe in standard solutions, we are flexible and decide with each client what program suits best.


  • creative, out of the box solutions
  • less theory, more interaction
  • practical, you learn by doing
  • energizing – yes, your people will have more energy to do the things they currently do, just watch how they change
  • learn step by step – more sessions than the usual training involves, as each session will last for 2-3 hours, during several weeks

Programs for HR professionals, either from HR departments or agencies:

  • Recruitment foundation – introductory training for the junior recruiters in your team, the HR wannabes
  • Recruitment – intermediate level, for HR professionals with 2-5 years of experience
  • All is old and all is new – workshop-debate for senior HR professionals, recruitment masters, who might believe they know it all
  • The art of interviewing IT candidates – how to mix art and science in IT recruitment
  • How to handle difficult candidates in recruitment processes
  • The art of negotiation in HR
  • Recruitment marketing
  • Recruitment for non-recruiters – workshop for hiring managers


Do you prefer open classes? Join us on the next session and your employees will learn HR together with other professionals from other companies.

Would you rather do it in-house? We will come to your office and the HR sessions will be exclusively with your employees.